Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Second annual KCAI Graphic Design Student Awards

The Weingart Award: Awarded for superb achievement in formalism.
1. Curtis Pickel

The Kalman Award: Awarded for imbuing work with conceptual depth and meaning.
1. Sean Shockley

The Hofmann Award: Awarded for outstanding rigor and diligent process.
1. Tammy Shell

The Lausen Award: Awarded for outstanding social/ethical awareness and advocacy through design.
1. Rebecca Daugherty

The Tschichold Award: Awarded for significant growth & transformation.
1. Ryan Shawgo

The Bierut Award: Awarded to the most articulate in oral and written communication.
1. Adam Tramposh

The Emigre Award: Awarded for a fearless and exploratory approach.
1. Cameron Perry

The Poyner Award: Awarded for insightful contribution in critique.
1. Matt Anderson

The Cooper Award: Awarded for boldly embracing technology in design.
1. Ian Tirone

The Lupton Award: Awarded for positive citizenship in KCAI's graphic design studio community.
1. Andrea Morris

Sunday, May 10, 2009

the creative process from A to Z (then repeat)

"High-flying ups and sideways-spiraling downs. False starts and fresh starts. The creative process can be unpredictable. Brent Barson’s short film F is for Fail is the story of one person’s creative roller coaster, told through type in an evocative A to Z." Watch Brent Barson’s F is for Fail.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

trek bicycle graphics designed by shepard fairey for lance armstrong. lance will be riding this bicycle in the 2009 giro d'italia that starts on may 9. crazy.

!!!ENTER!!! 2009 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Get Recognized for Your Work on an International Stage.

The 2009 Adobe Design Achievement Awards give higher education students from around the world the shortcut to brilliance to propel their careers in the future. Enter in 12 categories in 3 media areas endorsed by the industry. Cash prizes will be awarded during the Icograda World Design Congress in Beijing, China. Submissions close June 5, 2009. For more information and to submit:

FYI: Last year our sophomore Sheila Wong and junior Kristy Tilman both made it to the final qualifying round.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Any design writers out there?

The Winterhouse Awards for Design Writing & Criticism is offering a $1,000 Education Award to the student whose writing demonstrates the greatest evidence of eloquence, analysis, perspective, insight and original thinking to further a public understanding of design in contemporary culture.

The education award is for a single work of student writing addressing any design discipline or form, including but not limited to: architectural, environmental, fashion, graphic, industrial, information, interactive, product and strategic.

Students may be from any academic discipline, as long as the subject of the work is design. Students must be currently enrolled or have graduated within the year, and must be either a U.S. citizen or resident of at least three years.

The deadline is June 1. Visit for more information.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

VML studio team

There are 3 full-time salaried positions open on VML's studio team – a small team within VML that supports the different creative teams with production capabilities. You'll get opportunities to do creative concepting, but the primary role is creative production. The positions are designed to last one year with the designer graduating to an Art Director position, or moving on.

They are looking for graduating seniors that are interested and skilled in the interactive realm and also strong all around designers. If this is you, apply to Farrah McGuire (

Friday, May 1, 2009