Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Logo & poster design for Missouri AfterSchool Network

The Missouri AfterSchool Network a non-profit organization just announced a student contest for logo and poster design of their fast approaching statewide campaign to increase awareness and support of quality afterschool programs for youth. 
They would love for students from all universities across Missouri to have the opportunity to participate.  It is a very quick turnaround, but the prize is $300.  If you’d like more information, or to have the form to fill out, see me. (Kelly)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Opportunity this Fall with The Lean Lab (Kansas City)

The Lean Lab acknowledges that K-12 education could be better. The Lean Lab acts as a creative laboratory where creative professionals, entrepreneurs, educators and community leaders can work together to build the future of education in Kansas City.  More formally, we offer an incubator fellowship program where professionals with early stage ideas join the fellowship to create innovative ventures that provide excellent educational opportunities for Kansas City youth.  As of now, we have six ventures in our lab, each spending the next academic year developing and piloting their initiatives.  These six ventures need design help to create polished materials that will take their venture to the next level and allow them to begin seeking funding/investment and impacting urban students of Kansas City.

Their ventures are as follows:
  • Business Allied Scholars connects local businesses to urban youth talent for skill building and mentorship opportunities.
  • Resilient Connections is an intrapreneural initiative of Truman Medical Center’s Trauma Sensitive Care Initiative and professional development toolkit equipping urban educators with the skills necessary to support students who have experienced significant instances of trauma. 
  • Echo Grade is an app that motivates students through quick, meaningful, paperless feedback.
  • ELL Teacher Archive is a local toolkit for teachers to transition ELL (English Language Learner) students into classrooms.
  • My Sister-Girl, MySelf is a peer-to-peer mentoring program for adolescent girls of color.
What we need:

1.   Creative, mission driven, passionate and meticulous individuals looking to build out their graphic design portfolio. 
2.   logo design, media kits, video, templates, marketing materials, etc. 
3.   4 hours of work/week from October-June

What you get:
  1. A portfolio of work that you own all creative rights to.
  2. A work environment where creativity is respected and you have full creative license to create original work. 
  3. Networking opportunities to our design partners--such as MK12 and VML.
  4. An opportunity to work with mission driven organizations.

Application process: submit an electric portfolio by September 30, 11:59PM to

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Paid internship at Reactor!

The fine folks at Reactor are getting a head start on recruitment for their Spring 2015 design intern position. Applications will be accepted through October 31st. All the details can be found here: