Thursday, April 29, 2010

interested in book arts?

M. J. Poehler at the library just announced that "Booklyn artist Kottie Paloma will be visiting Jannes Library at KCAI on Wednesday, May 5, from 10 a.m. until noon. He will be showing Booklyn’s new publications and work by Booklyn artists." Why not stop by on your lunch break?

Summer Visual and Graphic Design internship in NY

Application Deadline: May 7
Submit portfolio, cover letter and resume to:

Behavior is an award-winning New York web design consultancy focused on building compelling and elegant digital user experiences for business and culture. We have led the user experience and interaction design strategies for clients and projects across many industries, including HBO, BusinessWeek, The Smithsonian Institution, McGraw-Hill, JPMorgan Chase, The National Geographic Channel, AARP, the AIGA and The Onion.

· Must be able to create visual interaction designs (layouts, color palettes, typography, user interface elements, etc)
· Proficient in Adobe CS4 Suite
· Understand Information Architecture and Concept Design
· Conceptual and Hands-On Required

more info

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Upcoming workshop for graphic design juniors and sophomores!

Sub-culture & audience-centered design research: a workshop with Professor Katherine McCoy

During this special intensive workshop with selected sophomore and junior students, you will learn a unique methodology for audience-centered design research and apply it in a hands-on project. Teams will collaboratively research and design, while working under the specialized tutelage of Professor Katherine McCoy. The end result is a poster and presentation summarizing your findings.

To apply, email Jamie by 3pm on 4/29. Write a brief proposal on two possible local subcultures that you would be interested in researching, and describe the need/opportunity for understanding each community's unique communication characteristics. Your proposed subcultures need to be be readily accessed for research in the short workshop time period.

The workshop is May 12th & 14th from 8:00-2:30 during normal studio-time (plus any work-time on your own).

Graphic Design Seniors: sign-up for meetings with Katherine McCoy

Professor Katherine McCoy will be available for private sessions the last week of school. In this time of transition from student to real-world, I can't think of a better person to have a chat with!

Come prepared to discuss a direction that you hope to pursue further, either in your upcoming employment, in graduate school or in independent exploration (and bring along a project or work to help facilitate the conversation).

The 20 minute sessions run Wednesday & Thursday and are first come first serve. Sign-up sheet is at Lisa's office.

Frankie Oviedo workshop summary

Many of our design students participated in a recent workshop with Frankie Oviedo. Sounds like those involved really enjoyed it. Taylor Pruitt has written what the experience was like for her, on her blog. What was it like for you?

KCAI graphic design, making waves

Of late the faculty have been receiving emails about job and internship opportunities for our students. I think it is important to share some of the words that were expressed in those emails...

"I am reaching out to you today in the interest of establishing a relationship with KCAI that can benefit those top Junior and Senior level students... I am impressed with the level of work that is produced in your program and would love to take part, forming relationships with staff and students moving forward." - Denver Colorado

"I wanted to reach out to you about a new internship program we are starting this summer. I had a glance through your areas of studies, and the type of creative thinkers you have attending your school are just the people we are looking for!” - New York City

"I have just been too, too impressed with KCAI students. I praise you for the great people you are helping bring into the market. These are excellent talents." - Kansas City

love it!

Paper based visualizations. If you know me you know how happy this makes me.

Congrats to scholarship winner

Johnna Pasch has been awarded a scholarship from the American Advertising Federation Kansas City Foundation. Good job Johnna!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

BBH internship in nyc

bartle, bogle, and hegarty (recently voted number 1 mid-sized agency in new york) is starting a new internship program this summer. they are looking for "good, nice, interesting, restless, positive, energetic, 'lovers of cool ideas' -people who have a curiosity about the interaction of consumer, culture and brands." sounds like our kind of peeps, right?

the application process has now begun, so submit your materials asap!
deadline is thursday april 22, 6pm eastern time.

the internship website with all the details:
the main agency website

Friday, April 16, 2010

a friend/former colleague is the hiring manager for the gig below. let me know if you're interested and i'll supply details for applying. check the main site and the environmental section here.

The Environments Studio is an in-house division of RTKL that was established in response to the need that design and implementation of projects require an approach that combines architecture with a range of non-traditional design services, such as exhibit and set design, new media, scripting, art direction, graphic and industrial design. Similarly, these types of projects rely on the creation of a design aesthetic that moves beyond form and function architecture and into branding and identity design, then executed in the built environment.

The Environments Studio of RTKL in Dallas, Texas is looking for a junior graphic designer / environmental graphic designer to join our growing team. Minimum requirements: Understanding of three-dimensional design as it pertains to signage and wayfinding and information design. This person must have both a verbal a visual understanding environmental graphics, be efficient with the Adobe Creative suite programs as well as Microsoft Office.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Designing for iPad: Reality Check

"On a computer we have to take in account that the user physically operates between keyboard and mouse, while visually he moves between monitor, OS, app window and the inner visual order of the window. On the iPad, eye and hand movement are brought together and held captive within a massive black frame."

InformationArchitects on designing for the iPad


"But this isn’t how the Internet works. Viral content doesn’t spread just from primary sources like YouTube or Flickr. Blogs, Web sites and video aggregators serve as cultural curators, daily collecting the items that will interest their audiences the most. By ignoring the power of these tastemakers, our record company is cutting off its nose to spite its face."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AIGA Crossroads Creative Crawl

Thursday, April 15
5:30 - 8:05 PM
Admission: $10 at door
Student member: $5 online or at door

Meet at David Morris Photography
2131 Washington Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
View Map

Join AIGA KC as we get up-close tours of three niche creative studios in the Crossroads. The crawl will kick-off with appetizers and drinks at David Morris Photography, where tasty shots of food are captured. We'll then make our way by foot to Vahalla Studios, a full service design studio, gallery and print shop with both letterpress and silkscreen capabilities. Last stop on the crawl will be Liquid 9 to be wowed by their motion graphics and sound design.

David Morris Photography
5:30-6:00 registration and reception
6:00-6:35 tour and presentation

Vahalla Studios
6:45-7:20 tour and presentation

Liquid 9
7:30-8:05 tour and presentation

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A6 call for entries


Honoring work created by designers from all over the region, no other competition celebrates the vibrancy of midwest design like A6. Since the AIGA KC Design Awards began six years ago, Kansas City has evolved into a mecca of creativity in middle America, and this competition has continually grown in size. Defined by values such as strong design thinking, hand-crafted influences and innovative interactive design, the KC community repeatedly impresses our esteemed jurors each year. Contribute your work and join us in making AIGA Kansas City an axis of recognition, inspiration and support for our creative community.

Last year 10 projects from KCAI were selected for the exhibit and gala, with special recognition going to 3 of those projects.

More info online

Deadline Friday, April 23, 2010

You can enter work that was completed as far back as the last deadline - FALL 2008!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

AIGA member gallery

Congrats to Laura. Her website and illustrations for, "plastic taxonomy" are featured (all time) in AIGA's Member Gallery.

update: and its not just laura. Check it out - quite a few kcai students have their work on