Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Must see film: Le Jetee

Electromediascope Winter 2009: Time and Event in the Still and Moving Image
Location: Atkins Auditorium
Feb. 20:

Photography and film are explored in four films, La Jetee by Chris Marker, Breakfast (Table Top Dolly) by Michael Snow, Nostalgia (Hapax Legomena I) by Hollis Frampton, and NO by Sharon Lockhart. Reserve tickets.


Eppelheimer said...

You really must see it. Half of the seniors saw it in our Sound and Motion class, but le big screen will be muchas besser! See how I seamlessly integrated four languages in one sentence? Impressive, huh?

jessica lyew-ayee said...

It was an excellent short film. An interesting series of photographs that are timed in a way to create a narrative. It's a very inspiring film toward sound and motion.
The overall aesthetic was completely opposite of the "futuristic" story line which I thought was interesting. The sound of the loud whispering that wasn't translated into english made a powerful soundtrack and pulled you into the tension and underlying secrecy in the plot.
Also the surprise of actual motion graphics or film appearing for a second was a nice touch
to create variety.
Great film and i think could make a good project for the future sound and motion classes.