Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Marty writes for Parse

Parse is a new online magazine brought to you by the people at HOW and AIGA.

It a blog-like publication that "aims to make sense of issues and information relevant to design practitioners, regardless of the disciplines they work in".

Our very own Assistant Professor Marty Lane is a ongoing contributor. You can read her first article here, titled Exploring interface possibilities (with marshmallows).


Julie Aniela Sikonski said...

I thought the Explore Interface Possibilities (With Marshmallows) was very insightful. It not what you have but how you look at them.

thenewprogramme said...

very nice article, marty. we used this in MX last year with mixed results. it's such a different way of working -- and a great one -- that it's hard to understand its potential until you practice with it a bit and loosen your mind. last year's seniors seemed to have a hard time thinking beyond the little thumbnail rectangles you mentioned. but we must press on with techniques like these to discover new modes of display and interaction that resonate with viewers/readers.