Thursday, February 10, 2011

seniors win national "design ignites change" awards

a huge congratulations to amanda laffoon (graphic design KCAI '11), tom morse-brown (graphic design KCAI '11) and tammy shell (graphic design KCAI '11) for winning a $4,700 implementation award and to bryan jones for winning a $500 idea award.

"i need a sidewalk" is an awareness campaign designed to alert city officials of the need to construct a sidewalk and crosswalk that provides access to rosedale park for its citizens. the park is situated across busy mission road and is currently very dangerous for anyone from the immediate neighborhood wishing to use the park facilities. funding will support the production of a billboard and website which will be supported by a press release, web video and other materials.

bryan jones' (graphic design KCAI '11) project, completed with jessica meurer (graphic design KCAI '11) and kate morr (graphic design KCAI '11), is entitled "enlightening individuals". a web-based test and supporting classroom poster series are designed to help fifth-graders understand how they best learn, either through visual, auditory, or kinesthetic means. the idea awards are given for strong concepts and recipients are not obliged to implement their projects.

see the full "design ignites change" press release here for a full list of winners. a special thanks goes out to jane heide, joshua hoffman, heidi holliday, and wendy wilson, our community partners in the rosedale neighborhood, for making this such a great experience for all of our seniors.


jamie said...

This is so fantastic. A big congrats to the seniors and to Tyler for making such a wonderful connection between KCAI, the local community and Design Ignites Change!

Patrick said...


tylergalloway said...

just found a link on the GOOD website. exciting to have such high-visibility coverage on the project.

deanjohnson08 said...

Great job guys! It's great coming across these kinds of stories online.