Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Designer needed for spring project at UMKC

 Contact information: 
 Caleb Owen
 Bloch Executive Education @ UMKC
 5108 Cherry Street 
 BEH 417 
 Kansas City, MO 64110

 Email: owencj@umkc.edu
 Website: umkc.edu/executive

Project Description:
We're working with a group of executives from a local corporation and they will be putting together a document that will look a lot like a magazine. We will convert their submissions to a digital magazine format, but we'd like to provide each team some time with a graphic designer to help with visual design, charts, layout, and display suggestions.
There are 4 teams to work with. Time commitment would be 2 hours meeting with the team, followed by 1 hour of offsite design work, totaling 3 hours for each team.
Compensation for the 12 hour project is $800-$1200 dependent on experience and skills.

To Apply:
If interested, please contact Caleb Owen at 816-235-2892 or owencj@umkc.edu
Please send examples of previous projects to owencj@umkc.edu.
Desired dimensions: 8.5 x 11 magazine format
On-line application website or link: Contact owencj@umkc.edu

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