Tuesday, March 31, 2009

fastcompany website covers "design ignites change" project

seven seniors in visual advocacy class are participating in the "design ignites change" initiative sponsored by worldstudio and adobe youth voices. they are mentoring students from paseo academy in the making of billboards about tolerance, which is super-cool right? here's the fastcompany article. go team!


Veronica said...

Are the seniors going to be presenting what they learn or are we going to get to see the high school students work when they're done? This sounds really fun, I'd love the chance to get to do something like this next year.

thenewprogramme said...

i'm still figuring that out, but right now i'm sort of planning on our final work session to be a small celebration for the high school students where we'll pin up the work and invite all the sections to see how it turned out. we might be able to have a little lunch discussion of their experiences at some point. that could be cool.