Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mapping project for the Nelson

This semester the junior user experience design students have been working on a wayfinding project for the Nelson-Atkins museum. One project goal is to get young kids and their families to explore the park and the newest acquisition, Ferment. After many weeks of concepting, user testing and iterating the students presented their final projects.

A big congratulations goes to Ian Spaeth because the Nelson has selected his design to actually produce for the summer family event. Ian's design concept includes a blank canvas on the back of the map. At five key sculptures the kids get a stamp that correlates to the sculpture. They can use these stamps to create their own work of art on the back (see before and after).


Marty Maxwell Lane said...

Congrats Ian!

tylergalloway said...

very cool. congrats, ian on an appropriate and fun project.

Kevin Spaeth said...

Good job Ian!